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Developer for Web automation - Fill JSON data on 3 webforms

It's about this site:
To apply for a Turkish visa. We want it automated. 

Want to run a program / script / or web which will automatically 
fill in all the data with our data. Should run on mac (or web). Can be a Chrome script if easier?

Also it starts with a Captcha but if we should that manually, that's no problem. Some parts can still be manual. But it has to be as easy as possible, to fill all our data.

We control the data, so we can adjust everything in the JSON file to make it as easy as possible. 

Fixed price for this job. Later on we definitely need more help on some other tools.

Duration 3 Days    Since Mon 20, May 2019, 18:15:20 pm

KES 10,000.00

Duration 5 Days    Since Mon 20, May 2019, 18:23:22 pm

KES 30,000.00

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