A Powerful School Management System

Chihako allows you to manage every aspect of your school, seemlessly

  • Records

    Manage student, guardian, teacher, staff and faculty records in one intergrated system. Also harness powerful features such as online student admissions and much more.

  • E-learning

    Upload and share e-learning materials for easy access by students from anywhere. Student's can also submit homework online and much more!

  • Collaboration

    Instant messaging allows user to user interaction while announcements allow you to beam messages to your whole school...or perhaps just to teachers in a specifc department; you choose!

  • Record Management

    Incisive analytics will allow you to make informed, data-driven decisions. Our analytics module is comprehensive and allows you to see metrics ranging from the simple (e.g. how many students you have) to the detailed (e.g. how many male students take philosophy as a subject and identify as religious).

  • Parents

    Parents and guardians have an incisive oversight into their dependents' performance at the tip of their fingers

  • Admissions

    An inuitive online admissions form allows students to apply to your school. Your admissions team is also empowered to manage the whole admissions process from end to end - digitally.

  • Finance

    Create budgets, track department spending, ensure accountability of staff and financial prudence. Also give students and guardians the ability to pay school fees online.

  • Paperless

    Now that all your school's records are safely stored within Chihako; use the system for your day to day admin and turn your school paperless. Issue report cards, invoices, manage communications...all without having to print a single document.

Cross Platform Compatible

Use Chihako on any device - from anywhere!



It seems too good to be true right? Let's answer your questions...

Is this just for schools?

You can use Chihako in any type of educational institution whether it be a nursery, university, school e.t.c. In fact, even a freelance private tutor will love it.

How big does my school have to be?

Wether your institution has 5 or 50,000 students; Chihako will work its magic just fine.

Surely it's expensive?

Not at all, you are charged based on the number of students you have ($0.50 per student pm) so even if you're running a small start-up school - Chihako will fit your budget.

What are the minimum requirements?

Does your school have a reliable internet connection and at least one computer? Then yes...you've met the minimum requirements. Awesome right?

Is Technical Support Included?

Of-course. We will train your school to deal with some enquiries - issues relating to system downtime will be handled by us at no extra charge.

Is Chihako secure?

Yes. Powerful firewalls keep your data safe from unauthorised access, while daily backups avoid its loss and/or corruption.

Will Our Data Be Private?

Yes. Your institution will own all data it puts on Chihako. We will not access, distribute, alter or use your data beyond the purpose of technical support and site maintenance.

When can we get Chihako?

As soon as you're ready! The process of migrating your school onto Chihako is quick and simple.

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